For three decades and for more to come - STSPL guarantees flexible solutions – with a perfect blend of logistics with technology.

1985 : STSPL commenced business and operations

1985-1990 : Established a brand as a leading end-to-end service provider to the Indian textiles industry

1995 : ODC transportation across India

2006 : Launched online tracking of consignment through GPS

2007 : Express service by road with dedicated team and fleet

2007 : Got all locations under CCTV surveillance

2009 : Storage logistics - Warehousing and C&F

2011 : Company moves to Rail transport service

2011 : Commenced air service operations across India

2011 : Becomes the first company to venture into multimodal transport in the textile sector

2012 : Company enters into Freight forwarding to many countries across the globe

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