Project Logistics
Project Logistics

STSPL‘s team of logistics experts has a vast experience in handling projects smoothly from beginning to end. Each project team includes a dedicated contact who liaises with the customer throughout the entire project. Stages involved with our Project Logistics are:

Project planning & bidding stage

  • Consulting and planning
  • Local inspections

Project preparation

  • Preparation of feasibility studies, particularly for heavy and special transports.
  • Preparation of work and time schedules.
  • Integration of individual services to a complete system.

Project realization

  • Performance and documentation of assembling activities, if required (dis- and reassembly).
  • Use of advanced barcode systems, if required.
  • Procurement and/ or preparation of all required documents if required.
  • Project coordination and supervision during all project stages.

Project completion

  • End-of-project control/ analysis
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